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What Have I Done?


So…I did something bad.

My husband and I have been gluten-free for a little over two years now. We decided to try this diet when I first started getting sick after we got married (if you are morbidly curious, here is a link to The New Normal). We decided to stick with this diet when we discovered that my beloved hubby swelled up like a balloon on our first “cheat day”. Since then, we have also discovered that gluten has a tendency to trigger my migraines. Both of us being gluten-sensitive has turned out for the best though, because neither of us cheat in order to not tempt the other.

Since that time, I have also discovered that sugar also triggers my migraines (shocker, I know). I have spent the past three weeks trying to be as naturally sugar-free as I can without going crazy about it. Life is too short to worry about how much sugar is in peanut butter (can I get an amen?). If my body wants sugar, I eat a piece of fruit.

That being said…I ate a Reese’s cup instead of the cute little orange in my jacket pocket. It was not a violation of my gluten-free rule, but it is obviously not an apple or kiwi. But dare I say, I think I am okay; no headache and no aura.

The trick that I am trying to learn with sugar is moderation, but that is hard considering how addictive it is. As I wrote earlier, I mostly get my sugars from fruit. If my body is going to get a blast of sugar, then it is going to have to digest the fiber that naturally goes along with it and evens it out.

I am a work in progress, and that is okay. I ate a Reese’s cup, and I think that is okay too. However, a migraine-free Reese’s cup is no excuse to not continue caring for my body.

Next experiment: caffeine.


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