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A Nearly Perfect Birthday

To start off this post, I would just like to say that I tried. My husband’s birthday was on its way and I was determined to capture the day “on film” so that I could write a blog post about it (complete with pictures!).

Everything was great. I looked like a hipster carrying around my cute little camera and taking pictures of us eating, but it was going to be worth it (right?)!

Nope. *wha, wha, whaaaaaa*

The pictures look great on the camera. I could click through them and admire my work. However, the problem occurred when I attempted to get them onto my computer. Take the SD card out and put it in the slot, no big deal. Fail. I thought my card reader was just being difficult, so I did the famous “turn it off and on again”. That didn’t work either. My husband tried to load it on his computer and…nothing. Okay. I went another route: USB from the camera to my computer. No luck.

My husband finally delivered the bad news to his darling, and still mildly hopeful, wife. The SD card was not dead, but it was unable to transfer my beautiful pictures.

That being said, I had to resort to pulling the pictures up on the viewfinder of my camera and then taking a picture of that with my phone. It turns out that an iPhone cannot capture the intricacies of a perfectly framed and focused photograph (in my opinion; my husband the photographer would probably disagree) off of a viewfinder. The result: pitiful, blurry pictures. *Insert pouty lip here*.

I finally was able to get those inferior photographs on my computer and was utterly distraught with the quality. I have a blog to keep up with! My three readers deserve better than this! Sorry to let you know that while you guys do deserve better photographs than what I am providing, you are in fact not getting them. It was not from lack of effort though, so just keep that in mind.

Hubby recommended changing some of the more horrific photos [of photos] to black and white to make it look “art-y”. So yeah, some of them are black and white because I was totally trying to be “art-y”.


Now back to the original intended content of my post!


My dear husband turned 25 on January 31st. The morning was “eh”: work and school and stuff. But the celebrations officially began at lunchtime. Like any true Baptist whose abode is Arkansas, we ate Mexican food.


The majority of the weird looks that I obtained was in this restaurant (just in case you, my three avid readers, were wondering).

We then went to watch “Silence” at my husband’s request. I spent the 2+ hours of this movie struggling with the concepts introduced and the theological implications that the film brought to heart. This movie is definitely not for the faint-of-heart and you must be willing to dedicate most of the next few days chewing on the challenges that this film portrays. I so desperately wanted to take a side in this movie since Hollywood tends to have us naturally take the protagonist’s point of view. This is why this film was especially difficult for me since I did not fall on either side of the religious spectrum that it portrayed.



My husband just wrote a review of the film and it’s comparison to the original, and it is well worth the read (if I do say so myself). If you are interested in Japanese history, the influence of Catholicism in other countries, or are just a glutton for punishment, I would highly recommend this film.

Afterward, my husband and I met up with our friend, Coop, who is the janitodian (janitor + custodian) at the church where I work. He just happened to be doing yard-work that day, and will probably never forgive me for posting these pictures on the internet for my avid reader-base to see.


I would like to note that this picture deserved to be “art-y”. I would also like to note that Coop was worried that his hat would look weird on camera. I think it looks fine.

Shortly after this picture was taken, my dear husband and our handsome-hatted friend helped me arrange furniture in our Sunday School classroom. Happy Birthday to Hubby! No, really; thanks a bunch, hon!

And how did we reward ourselves for our hard work???



Here is our main course. And just so everyone knows, I really miss eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches with wonderful fried chicken-y goodness.

I did leave this photo in color, so one might think that it survived the “Great SD Card Plague of 2017”, but no. Note the black edges of my camera view screen as proof that I could not even take a nice, good photo of a nice, good photo.


And here is an “art-y” picture of Hubby drinking his Birthday Shake (**vanilla: yes whipped cream, no cherry**).

Overall, it was a great day. And even though my beautiful plan of documenting that day went horribly awry, I did end up at least being able to post some form of the pictures I took.

And finally, for your entertainment, here is my SD Card Shaming picture for all the internet to see.

Look at him sitting there with his smug face.



***Retraction: It was pointed out to me by one of my avid readers, that I mistakingly wrote that my husband does not like whipped cream or cherry on his shakes. My husband insisted that I correct this atrocity so that my other two avid readers would not be mistaken on how he takes his shake.***


One thought on “A Nearly Perfect Birthday

  1. I’m glad to see that journalistic integrity isn’t dead and that the HORRIBLE misprint was corrected. All milkshakes should have whipped cream!

    Finally, to quote the band Barenaked Ladies, “I like vanilla, It’s the finest of the flavors.”

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