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Everything March

Hello, my (now four!!!!) avid readers! I have neglected you. I know. I am sorry.

March has been weird.

The more accurate, and probably slightly optimistic, term is perhaps that March has been eventful. I intended to do five separate posts for this month covering everything from my birthday, spring break, etc. up until now. But as I said, March has been weird so now we are going with two (the first being Spring Is Here, which I published on March 13th). I will, however, try to appease you with differentiating everything in this post with a bold and underlined title as well as the time period in which the particular event/(not post) occurred. *Cue the ‘Oooohs’ and ‘Ahhhhs’*

Flu-pocalypse (March 8th-19th)

It all started with a cute little girl at church. I had been eye-balling her since the day she was born. She is so stinking cute. The issue is that she has wanted nothing to do with me for the past year and three months she has been in this world. I have tried shooting silly faces her way. I have tried peek-a-boo. I have tried almost everything to no avail…until Wednesday night, March 8th at 5:30pm.

We eat supper at church on Wednesday nights and I just happened to be sitting next to the adorable little thing on this particular night. She acted very strangely, almost like she wanted to be my friend. We had a wonderful night together. We played poke-and-giggle. We played drop-the-bottle-and-this-crazy-lady-will-pick-it-up-for-you. She rubbed her drool and food covered hands all over my sleeve. It was great! I thought that I might have genuinely made a real friend! Until the next day…

I happened to get on Facebook and saw that little Leah Kate had officially been diagnosed with the flu. She wasn’t really my friend, she was just feverish and delusional. Needless to say, that kind of bursted my bubble. I immediately called my dear husband and had him bring me my liquid-vitamin mix, regular vitamins, and Emergen-C. I diffused Thieves oil. I took an Epsom salt bath. I tried my hardest, yet to no avail.

I first started exhibiting the symptoms on Friday night, March 10th. I was tired and foggy, but I still clung to the slightest hope that perhaps it was just the result of the end of a long week.


Hubby and I were supposed to take our youth group to a conference hosted by one of our dear friends from seminary on Saturday night, but instead we had to cancel due to me only having the strength to sit on the couch and watch Golden Girls and Hubby being night blind. We really are a little old couple, but it works for us. I like to think it is endearing.

I couldn’t go to church on Sunday. I finally gave in and got a doctor’s appointment on Monday, March 13th (my birthday). It took me EXACTLY 25 years, but I did it; I finally had been diagnosed with the flu. Not exactly my idea of a milestone birthday, but it is what it is. On the bright side, the flowers that my parents sent me for my birthday served double-duty as ‘Get Well Soon’ flowers.


The rest of the week was filled with That 70s Show, which is one of my favorite shows ever, until the season where Eric cheats on Donna and she’s totally okay with it. (No! Totally out of character for Donna and I do not accept it.) Fun fact: my absolute favorite bit from That 70s Show is Season 1-Episode 24, “Hyde Moves In”, where Kelso sees Jackie without makeup. It gets me every. single. time. Along with these horrible screenshots, here is a link for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

Eventually I got over the flu. Overall it wasn’t that terrible, it just lasted forever since my immune system is so bad. I didn’t completely get over being sick until Sunday, March 19th, but life moved on before that. So, we move along to our next not-blog post.

Spring Break: Part One (March 17th-19th)

Hubby and I went to my parents’ farm for part one of our spring break on Friday, March 17th. We decided to take the old highway instead of the interstate to get there. It was going to take nearly two hours either way, so we decided to enjoy the view.

We stopped to eat at a little Mexican restaurant in a small town called Perryville. Everything was great until we went to pay. Turns out that we neglected to see the more than adequate sign on their door that said their card machine was down. The cashier (who had also waited on us) was so kind about it, and we ended up hunting down an ATM. Dude got (and deserved) a good tip. We were so embarrassed, but everyone got a good laugh in the end.

We finally made it to my parents’ dirt road (which the very sight of makes my heart breathe a sigh of contentment every single time). We made it three of the three and a half miles down the road when I saw…a road grader. I vocally let out an “uh-oh”, because (to those of you who haven’t lived down a dirt road) that means that all of the nails, screws, barbed-wire, and any other metal substance in the ditch has now made it back onto the road. This is also an issue, because the road workers of Yell county always put out the sharpest rocks they can dig out from the pits of hell. They claim that the rocks sink down into the road and are not an issue. The part that they neglect to realize is that cars have to drive over these rocks to beat them down into the road. I immediately slowed the car down, but it was too late. As soon as I “uh-oh”ed, the tire light came on in my car. We managed to hobble our way the other half-mile to my parents’ house, and just in the nick of time. Our tire let out its last breath at the mail-box. Sure enough, there was a pointy-rock-shaped hole in our tire. We decided to take care of it in the morning.

Saturday morning comes, we put on the spare, and we are off to the tire shop. They were surprisingly busy, but it was the Saturday before spring break. Hubby and I dropped off the car and decided to take a stroll while it was waiting in line to be fixed. We ate some breakfast and went to the pet store down the street. The snail was my personal favorite, because of his little mouth on the glass.

Eventually, we made it back to the house and enjoyed cows, donkeys, dominoes, hammocks, and a bon-fire the next couple days. A good time was had by all, especially by my nephew, Levi.

Spring Break: Part Two (March 20th-22nd)

Part two of my spring break was mostly notable for my lack of husband. The guy insisted upon going trout fishing with his dad (how dare he!), so I was left to fend on my own for three whole days.

Day one (Monday, March 20th) consisted of my mother and I running around like hoodlums. We went grocery shopping, we ate Chinese food, and we roamed around the outlet mall. We were wild women riding on the highway to hell. I was especially bad because I spent all of my birthday money during that trip. While I was deciding on which shoes to buy, my husband and father-in-law were trout fishing machines.       P.S. – I chose the pink ones.

Day two (Tuesday, March 21st) consisted mostly of work. Not the most exciting day, but it was notable in its own regard. First, I wore my new dress that I had bought the day before. Second, I assisted (bugged) my church’s janitodian after work, because I did not want to go home to an empty apartment yet. And third, my husband was bitten by a trout.

Also, I got bored while “assisting” Coop put together a wagon for yard work. I ended up taking dramatic pictures of my hair blowing in the breeze. Don’t judge me.

Day three (Wednesday, March 22nd) was mainly just work. I had to try to cram all of the previous week’s work (remember Flu-pocalypse?) and that week’s work into these two days. The reason? You will find out in a minute. My husband did come back to me that night, thankfully, as I was running out of ways to keep myself entertained.

Spring Break: Part Three – AKA: “Dude, Where’s My Teeth?” (March 23rd-26th)

You guessed it! (Or not, I don’t know). The day had arrived in which all four of my wisdom teeth were going to be ripped from my skull. Ah yes, Thursday, March 23rd was an exciting day. On the up side, it was also the day where it was actually socially-acceptable to wear my pajama pants in public. Here are some pictures from before I was drugged and doped! (Note the excitement in my eyes and the booties upon my feet).

The bit before the surgery actually wasn’t half-bad. I got to lay on a comfortable table with goofy gas pumping into my lungs for ten minutes before the nurse even put a blood-pressure cuff on me. By the time she got around to doing my IV, I was the chillest I have ever been in my 25 years of life. That stuff was magic.

The next thing I knew, I was awake in another room and the nurse told me my husband was pulling the car around. As she was walking me down the hall, she had her arm around me (which makes sense since I was all doped up), but for some reason (drugs) I decided to also put my arm around her waist and we walked out like we actually knew each other well enough to be essentially hugging one another. Apparently I was really giggly the whole ride home.

The recovery was pretty boring as far as a blog post goes. My already round face was even more puffy, and I was on narcotics. It was kind of a blur.

(Pictured on the left is me when I got home from surgery. Pictured on the right is me two days later.)

The only thing I actually remember is crying into my Chick-fil-A chocolate shake that my dear husband went to get me. Why, you ask? Because it was too runny…and I was on drugs.

Overall, not a bad experience. Three stars.


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