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Worm Tea & Hammocks

I’ve officially been well for a week and a half now! No more flu. No more wisdom teeth. I do however, still have little indentations where my teeth used to be that currently serve the purpose of catching a sampling of every single thing that I eat. Oi vey. But we will not let this get us down! It will heal up soon…hopefully. Until then, I will keep aggressively rinsing and flossing.

Having my newly-found freedom from the couch, Hubby and I decided to celebrate by making worm tea. For the members of my avid readership who do not know what worm tea is, it is a natural, liquid fertilizer made from your compost pile, specifically from the worm castings in your compost pile. For my avid readers that do not know what worm castings are: its poop. It’s totally worm poop. In the vermicomposting world, they are known as black gold and are not nearly as disgusting as you imagine them to be. You can buy this stuff on Amazon and people are darn proud of it too.

Anyway, the basic process of making worm tea involves sorting, bagging, and dipping worm castings/compost soil into water (think a tea-bag). In the Bacon household, this means making a bag out of an old t-shirt, sorting through the compost to try to not bag any worms or cocoons, and dipping the bagged soil in a five-gallon bucket filled half-way with water. I did not get pictures of the process, but I did however capture the face of pure joy.

Hubby with his beloved worm tea.

After fertilizing our container garden with a portion of our worm tea, we divided the rest into all of the glass bottles I found laying around the apartment (Yay for my pack-rat tendencies!). The particular spice bottle in the picture went to one of our neighbors for their newly-founded container garden.

We do not water with the worm tea (aside from the first day), but instead put some in a spray bottle to spritz the plants 2-3 times a day. You, my avid readers, may think this is a burdensome task. You neglect to realize that my husband goes outside at least 4-5 times a day to check on his beloved worms, so this is really not that big of a deal. We are nothing if not enthusiastic about the strangest things, but I would like to think we are at least somewhat endearing.

As we were sorting, Kyle somehow spotted this little beauty. This teeny-tiny little guy is the smallest baby we have found to date. This discovery was a natural cause of excitement!

Tiniest worm found to date!

Moving on from the worms, I got to hammock a whole two times this week! This does not sound like an accomplishment, but between school, my two part-time jobs, cooking, cleaning the apartment from the great flu-apocalypse, and Arkansas weather being super bipolar, this really was special.

I (again) did not capture pictures from the first hammocking session with my dear husband, but I can tell you the adventure that ensued. We technically trespassed, but by only about 10 feet (so it’s okay, right?). The pond that we were at was also the home to at least one water moccasin snake, which scared the worm castings out of Hubby.

My second hammocking experience was solo, and I didn’t even trespass on private property! Memorable moments were when I hugged some poison ivy and my great view into my neighbors’ kitchen (not creepy at all).

And yes, I was eating. Always eating. Don’t judge me.