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New Life

I last wrote a blog post 75 days ago.

Our worms have had quite the adventure, as they are now inside of our kitchen as opposed to being outside where they were originally housed. Long story short: I hate fire ants.

The Vacation Bible School Marathon has come and gone (thank the Lord!). The gospel was presented, and the church house did not burn down.

While I am FINALLY registered for my class at secular college, I have yet to get a response on my financial aid situation. Just to be clear, I have been working on this process since mid-March. The college has changed my name, lost my file, given me false instruction, and locked me out of registering for classes. In short, they have been driving me crazy. Here I am…still waiting…11 days until classes begin… ┬áBut, I am not allowed to focus on frosting, we will move on!

I have struggled with what to write about; again, there is so much going on that I have been slightly overwhelmed. In light of this, I decided to simply give an update on my summer and publish some of the photographs that I had the honor to take of my sister’s labor and my niece’s birth (no need to be scared; there is nothing too personal).

I now present the miracle of life as captured by my FujiFilm camera.