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My Anniversary Cleaning-Spree

So I am a little, old lady at heart. I love baking. I love sewing. I love embroidery. I have arthritis. I am cold-natured. And most importantly, I am still holding onto my beloved VHS tapes.

I am starting a new chapter in my life, and I am pretty excited about it (even if my anxious tendencies try to get in the way). I am currently taking 5 hours at the seminary I attend as I work toward my Masters degree, and I am taking 6 hours at a local university to pursue a Sign Language Interpreting degree. Our 5-year plan currently looks like school and more school with hopefully some adult-ing in-between. It has occurred to me that by the time I get done with my Interpreting degree (if I stick to the recommended schedule), I will be 30 years old.

This past Wednesday, Kyle and I had our 3-year anniversary. It does not seem like it has been that long, but at the same time it feels like we have known each other forever. Now I know what is coming, because it has already been said…”When will you have children?”, you ask. I have no earthly idea. Hubby and I long to have a family, but do not feel like now is the proper time. I have a feeling that we will just have to be surprised when God decides it is time, because I cannot see us ever getting to that point by ourselves.

And while I am being completely honest, our apartment has been a wreck lately. School and work have been so pressing that Hubby and I just walk straight past the mess and try not to look at it (excuses, excuses). But(!), part of our anniversary celebrations included purging and donating some of the clutter that I have held on to for a rainy day. (Mentally, that was not fun considering my natural tendency is to keep that scrap of fabric or that unused purse because “I might need them some day”. No bueno.)

Our home looks much better, and I am very excited to show you our new addition to the office. Firstly, I’ll let you get a peek of the travesty of the former state.


I’m not sure how much you can appreciate this picture without knowing where the rest of my stuff was. My embroidery machine was currently on my kitchen table, where it had been for the past YEAR. My ironing board was in my living room with a bunch of random junk covering it. My embroidery supplies were crammed into every nook and cranny of a corner I could fill. And do not even get me started on the rest of my crafting stuff.

Chaos. Complete and utter chaos.

Anyway, besides having a few mishaps along the way, we made it work…


…Embarrassing. Just embarrassing.

And *WAH-LAH*, I have a practically new workspace, as well as my living room, my kitchen table, my cluttered corners, and my sanity back!


Is it perfect? No, but I can deal with that!


And as an added bonus, I got to spend time with my family Friday night/Saturday morning as they were camping at Lake Dardanelle. Here is a picture of me with my 5-year old nephew and my 10-week old niece. So cute. And just so you know, life is too short to worry about your morning-hair all of the time.



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